HELLO FOR THE THIRD TIME! I always find it pretty cool when people want to hear my story, because it gives me an opportunity to share one super important truth with them:


Talk about a terrible sales pitch, but that is the absolute truth! In fact, the entire reason why I have been so effective at helping my clients is BECAUSE I used to be absolutely terrible with handling my money !

Like so many others out here, my husband and I have made some pretty serious financial mistakes in our time, which means we have had to clean up some pretty big money messes. Things like taking on too much debt, spending like money fell out of the sky, worrying about monthly payments instead of building wealth and just falling into that classic consumer mindset that is jacking up finances left and right.

Which means we are actively cleaning up some financial messes - but the difference between us and millions of other couples is that we are KILLING IT!!!

Let me share with you what I mean...


When Boyd and I got together, we were the average American family. We had houses, cars notes, student loans, several credit cards, some bank loans and other debts. Our net worth was SUPER negative and in the first 6 months of our marriage, we managed to rack up another $15,000 in credit card debt.

We were a hot financial mess!

We coasted along the first year or so of our marriage, making good money but just making ends meet...until that fateful day when the light bill was due and the bank account was negative! Our only option was to sell my husband's favorite gun to pay the light bill, because how can you have four kids and no lights?!

That was our defining moment.

So we sought help and found it in a popular financial literacy course that our church was teaching that year. We got on the same page, we mapped out a plan and we got to work.

Within a year we had eliminated over $33,000 in debt, saved our first emergency fund and bought a brand new house (in a fabulous school district) for our family. 

And we've been killing debt, traveling the world, hanging with our kiddos and growing our net worth ever since!

But that's not the end of the journey...

For my husband and I, it wasn't good enough that we were succeeding in the plan. We wanted to help others do it too! So we stepped up to teach the next session of financial classes and I noticed a few things:

  1. A lot of the people in the room had taken the class before with no progress to show. In fact, some of them were in the same class that we had been in!

  2. I was spending a lot of time at the end of each class, going off-script to help people understand how to take what they had just learned and apply it to their specific set of circumstance and life situations.

  3. The people who seemed the most determined to make something happen (and ask for help to do it) were women who were or had been toying with the idea of launching a business.

When the lightbulb hit, I knew I had to move!

More importantly, I had to move fast because if I didn't, I knew that I would talk myself out of this business. After all, my foray as a Mary Kay consultant hadn't been all that great and even my husband remembers when I told him I would never run my own business. So who was I to launch a business that was so important?

If you ever hear me say "DO IT SCARED," this was my moment (well...my first one)!

For 14 days, I worked night and day to create a brand new business that combined my love for helping people, my personal experience with money, my career as a fraud investigator (I have some cool stories about that) and my "let's make things happen" style. I bought a domain name, I built the website, I researched the pricing, I got a coach. In 14 days I did all of the things they tell you to do.

In 14 days, my coaching business was born...

...and let's just say it wasn't a smash hit from Day One.

But I have kept going and I could not be happier!

Since launching my business,

  • I have quit my 9-to-5 so that I can be more available for my family, my business and for my ministry work.

  • I have watched businesses and ministries go from non-existent to making money under my guidance,

  • I have listened to ah-ha moments from women who have had revelations about themselves and their relationship with money,

  • I have helped women free themselves from financial fear and uncertainty to discover that they too can build wealth for their families,

  • And, of course, I have made money along the way.



While my business is a significant part of my purpose and calling on this earth, the truth is that this business is not about me...

Selah is about the women that are ready to walk in their own purpose.

Selah is about the destruction of generational curses and poverty mindset.

Selah is about overcoming fear and finding your true authentic self outside of a soul-crushing paycheck-to-paycheck, 9-to-5 struggle.

Selah is for the women who are where I used to be and helping her become her very own version of the woman that I am today.


about me...

...let's focus 

on YOU!


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