But I Don't Want to Work Today...

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, your favorite coach was STRUGGLING!!!!

For most of the week, all I wanted to do was put on my favorite fluffy sweater with some sleep shorts and lay under the covers all day like a complete bum. Maybe I would watch some mindless television or read one of the paranormal romance novels that are stacked 5 shelves high in my bedroom.

Whatever, I was going to do while snuggled under those covers, it's wasn't work!

The truth is that even though I absolutely LOVE what I do, there are still days when I don't want to get up and work! I may find such joy, fulfillment and purpose in talking women through their financial roadblocks, but that doesn't mean I FEEL like doing it every day!

And that's A-OKAY!

When people talk about being an entrepreneur and working in your passion, they make it sound like you're going to be excited, energized and enthusiastic every single day. You'll wake up before your alarm, bounding out of bed, whistling while you shower, dress and beat your face to utter perfection.


No matter how new or experienced you are in your business, no matter how little or how much money you're making in your business, no matter how many or how few sacrifices you're currently making for your business... there are going to be days when you're just OVER IT.

And that's A-OKAY!

It’s unreasonable to think that just because you love your business that you’ll WANT to do it every day. Sometimes, you’re just not interested in being an entrepreneur.

It's no different than the days when you don't feel like being a parent. That doesn't mean you don't love your kids!

And it's just like the moments when you're not into the whole wifey gig. That doesn't mean you don't love your husband!

All it means is that you're a human, not a perfectly programmed cyborg. And unlike that cyborg, we humans need a break sometimes.

So if you're having one of those days, OWN IT. Be alright with saying "I'm not really feeling work today." If you try to lie to yourself or try to convince yourself that you ARE excited to do the work, you're going to find yourself fighting this silent battle with yourself, where the truth of how you really feel struggles to co-exist with the lie that you just told yourself.

No need to fight yourself. Just own the feeling.

Then shake it off and keep on moving through a few of the tasks on your to-do list.

Most of the time, you can be super productive in spite of that feeling. I do it all of the time... like now. Did I feel like drafting 3 blog posts in one sitting. NOPE. Did I just do it? HECK YEAH!!

After a few tasks, take a break and do something you feel like doing.

I'm about to grab a bag of Sour Cream + Onion chips and read a really good book for 20 minutes once I finish drafting this post. After that 20 minutes, I'll move on to writing some ad copy for the Dream Builders Business Bootcamp to feature some of our amazing speakers.

By acknowledging how I feel and then moving forward with a blend of when I need to do for my business and what I actually feel like doing, I can easily grow the business I love even on the days when my spirit just wants to stay in bed.

Give it a try. It just might work for you too!

Tiana B. Clewis

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