Creating More Me Time By Repurposing with Kendall Patton

Are you trapped in the daily grind of creating brand new content every single day? Well, it’s time to stop that foolishness and discover how repurposing content can give you the content that you need while still maintaining your sanity! In this episode of the Dreamers Financial Playbook podcast, we’re going to interview Kendall Patton, a content repurposing whiz who will help you uncover how to get back your precious time with some repurposing magic!

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Kendall Patton is a mom of three (2 boys, 1 girl), wife to one and owner of MiOrgan Content Creation Services.  She currently homeschools her children, loves to find creative things to do, and enjoys going on mountain/forest adventures with her family!

As an Expert at Repurposed Content, her goal is to help business owners to better leverage their existing content by maximizing it through repurposing to increase their visibility, reach, and consistency which enables them to share their messages and stories faster and farther.

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