Free Small Business Tools to Survive COVID-19 (Pt. 1)

Tiana Clewis: Hey Dreamers, welcome back to my channel where we break down all things money so you can stop looking at it as an obstacle and start looking at it as what it is: a tool to actually help you build a life that you truly find worth living.

Today we're finally going to dive into all of the awesomeness that I've been promising for the last two weeks.

Yeah, I know it's been rough lately, okay. Between the Paycheck Protection Program just going out of control and me getting sick, well, things happen. I'm so sorry, but you know what? Those can't get in the way anymore. We're finally going to get the chance to talk about those free business tools that are out there to help you start to grow your business or get it launched in the first place.

Now, if you're looking at the situation and you're wondering, "Okay, why are there free business tools? Who's doing this and why?" Well, know that it's actually a very brilliant, brilliant, brillian- ugh. Brilliant, brilliant marketing strategy. Yeah. You heard that.

Look, this is something that excites me because it's one of those things where it's a win-win situation, and I absolutely love a win-win situation. So if you hear me get tongue tied again, don't worry. It's just my excitement causing me to trip over my words. No big deal. Right?

So here's what's happening. A number of companies have figured out that there's two main things that they really need right now. One, they need to continue to grow their business. Two, they need to have a future revenue sources, and so... Their future revenue source is you and being able to continue to grow their business really means getting more people signed up for their products.

So right now, what a lot of companies are doing is they're giving things away for free. They have created like new for lay of- levels, new free plans. They have taken free trials that they've had and they've extended them. They've even extended some out all the way to a year. A free trial for an entire year. That's insane.

But they're doing this because that helps them to grow their business. The new subscribers helps them grow their business. But then it also ensures that they have a future business, future clients, because if your business goes under, if you can't launch your business, if you can't work the business that you already have and keep it in existence and keep healthy and profitable, they have no one to pay for the subscriptions later on.

So here's the thought process. Let me go ahead and give them this thing for free. They sign up for it. They use it to grow their business. They use it to make money. Even in the midst of coronavirus, they fall in love with it because it's just become a vital part of how they run their business and with all of that, when this is over, when that trial is done, when coronavirus has finally had a vaccine, when - or if it decides to be like SARS and just magically disappeared for whatever reason - once all this is over. I have people who have fallen in love with my product. They see that it works, and they also have the money to be able to pay me in the future.

So your business grows. They grow their business as well. It's the win win situation and you know how I feel about a win-win.

When you start to look at the different phases of making money in your business, you realize there's pretty much a tool out there that is now free or has a really long free trial that touches every single phase.

So you may have heard me talk about this before: there's really five main phases when it comes to making money and your business. The first thing is finding a new lead. The second thing is nurturing the relationship with that lead so that they turn into a raving fan, or at least a curious one. The third thing is that you have to convert them into a paying customer.

Now, there are some businesses where phase two just kind of like just immediately shifts into phase three, and some of them, it takes a little more time, like with a financial coach. You kinda gotta trust me a little bit before you let me, uh, get in your face about your money. I'm okay with that. That's cool.

But so phase three, we're converting those raving fans or those curious people into paying customers. And phase four, we're actually delivering on the product or service that we promised them. And then in phase five, after we've done the delivery, we're continuing to nurture that relationship and of course, we're getting feedback so we can continue to be better.

Well, if you look at some of the things that we're going to talk about, there's something for everything, every one of those phases, every step in this process. Now that being said, though, it also means that it's going to take a little time to get through all of these, so I hate to break it to you, but we're going to have to break this up into two spots because you have things to do. I have things to do. I feel you. I'm there with you.

Now before we can really start diving into this list, I have to apologize. Okay. For my YouTubers, I have to apologize because we didn't post any videos last week and for my podcasters, I have to apologize because I basically had to take an YouTube video that I had done, rip the audio, throw it together with a quick intro, outro, and create a podcast episode. Now, either way, I know that my podcasters, I know you got value from it. And my YouTubers, well, there's enough content out there that you could easily have binged something else, so you were fine. But I still feel bad because in YouTube-land a week is a long time not to get any new content and for a podcaster, like you just, you really want your people to be better prepared.

But, I mean, your girl was sick. Like Sis went to the ER kind of sick. No, I don't have coronavirus, but I had to sat down somewhere and pull it together and chill and relax and really take care of myself. So it just took a little effort. I'm sorry, I apologize, but I love you guys because you stuck with me and you're here.

Now if you're one of those people who you're like, "I don't even know if I care about your ER visit cause I don't know who you are," let me go ahead and fix that situation. My name is Tiana B Clewis and I'm a Financial Lifestyle Coach and Start-up Strategist with my labor of love, a Selah Financial Coaching.

Now what that means is I've dedicated my life to helping women entrepreneurs escape that nine to five grind, use money as a tool and build a life that they really want to live. That- you know that life that you've been dreaming about, that you've been like, I don't know if I can achieve this. I help you actually achieve it.

It's what I love to do. Genuinely, truly, seriously. In fact, I've had people call it a ministry because that's how dedicated I am to it. So I'm super excited to be here. Welcome to the channel. Welcome to the podcast, and I hope that we get to stay connected in the long run.

As a matter of fact, if you're one of the people who likes what you just heard and you're like, "That journey is so my vibe. That's what I need in my life," go ahead and let me know by liking this video for that good ole' YouTube algorithm, and then subscribe to my channel and be sure to hit the bell so you're notified every time I drop new money tips and strategies every Wednesday and Saturday that are designed to help you hit your financial goals without making life totally suck.

Now that you know who I am, let's talk about some free stuff to get your business going and keep your expenses as low as possible.

Now remember the first phase that I talked about, the one that I mentioned earlier, is all about finding new leads, finding new people that will eventually become raving fans or curious onlookers, and ultimately paying customers.

I'm going to be honest. There are a lot of stuff- there's a lot of free stuff out there for this. Seriously a lot, but I'm not surprised because again, they want your business to continue to grow. They want you to see success from their products and services, and if they can help you find new leads, like lots of new leads and do it for free, yeah, they benefit. They get what they want. You get what you want. Everybody's a happy camper.

So I'm not surprised that a lot of the products and services out there that are, that are either free or have a new extended free trial period are designed to help you find new customers and clients.

Now for all of my YouTubers out there, you're going to see me do a lot more reading than I normally do, but remember, we're going to be talking about a lot of different programs and I don't want to get them mixed up in my head, so don't judge me if you see me looking down, reading my notes. Okay? Just just roll with me. I'm trying to make sure your info is accurate here. All right?

Now, since you don't have all day to go through a million different tools, I decided to break this section down to just five that really caught my attention.

The first one is Hootsuite. All right. Hootsuite is all about managing your social media content. It's a platform I've used before. I really like it. It's really great actually. And so what they've done, which I'm really excited about, is that they have opened up their Hootsuite Professional Plan for, um, for a bunch of industries that have been impacted by COVID-19.

Now it had like some industries specifically listed, but it had kind of the "Other" thing going on. So a lot of different companies are going to be able to slide in and that other section, because they really didn't say you had to fit into these three or four industries. It said those and more and others, anyone impacted by COVID-19 and if I'm going to be real about it, pretty much all of us have been impacted by COVID-19 so go ahead and slide on them there to get your Hootsuite Professional Plan.

You'll get it for free through, July 1st of 2020 so that's a good amount of time that you're going to get to use this for free and fall in love with it.

It's going to allow you to manage up to 10 social media profiles. You're going to get unlimited RSS feeds, which are really helpful when you have feeds and other places where you like to pull together the content and share it out with your audience. That's super great. It's also going to get you $500 a month in boost spending that you can use on different platforms. So you're definitely gonna want to take advantage of that.

So what you have to do to get this offer is to go to

Another company that I found is Business Warrior. It's something that I've honestly never heard of, but when I clicked the link and looked on their website, yo girl was fascinated and I was fascinated for two reasons.

So the first thing I was fascinated by is what their product is actually designed to do. It's basically a platform that's meant to help you manage your brand image and your reputation of your business. So making sure that the information that's out on all these different platforms is accurate about your business, for example. It also has these like weekly steps that you can take to help you continue to grow your business.

It gives you these strategic steps on what can you do to improve your brand image, to improve your reputation so that people find you, connect with you, and actually want to buy from you. Or at least that's the impression I've gotten.

The second thing that caught my attention about this is that. They are giving it away for an entire year. 12 months free. And when you start looking at all the different features that has, it, um, makes me wonder how expensive this thing is going to be after that 12 months. Your girl tried to Google up the prices. I had a little trouble finding it, but, um, I might find that later and I'll drop the price in there.

But you know what, to be honest, if you can get some really good value out of it during that initial year, go ahead. Do the thing. Build your brand image. Build your brand reputation. Have fun with it. Okay?

So with that being said, to get access, all you have to do is go to and in the top you're going to see something that says "COVID Offer." Click that link and it will let you sign up to take advantage of this 12 month deal.

Now, here's one that personally excited me just because I use them. All right, so Google Ads, a lot of people know that Google Ads can be very helpful for your business if you know how to do it right. Okay? And with that, Google Ads has decided to put together a $340 million fund to give away ad credits. And this is not like a, you have to go in and apply, it's something they're automatically going to do for anyone who has been using Google ads since 2019. Basically what's going to happen is in the next couple of months, you're going to look inside of your Google Ads account and you're going to see that you've been given some ad credits.

The great thing is you have the entirety of 2020 to use those ad credits. So if you want to wait a little bit until people start spending a little more money and then use your ad credits, like maybe you tend to get a lot of business at Christmas time. Go ahead. Wait, use your ad credits when you want them.

Now, I'm sorry that it's not something you can sign up for new, but again, if your business was already in existence in early 2019, you've been using Google ads since 2019, they are going to give you free ad credits. Just go into your account check for it, but again, they're not all coming like right now at one time. It may take a little bit of time, but just check periodically over the next couple of months and you should see your free ad credits.

Super excited on that one.

Now, Google Ads is not the only one that's giving away ad credits. Facebook is actually doing something pretty similar. Now, I will admit Facebook has some more stringent requirements... Kinda... They're different.

So in the case of Facebook, they have pulled together a $100 million fund that's going to give out cash grants and Facebook ad credits. To qualify though, you have to have been in existence for at least a year. You have to have, um, you have to have between 2 and 50 employees. You also have to be operating in or near a city where Facebook, um, where Facebook operates and you have to be experiencing some challenges as a result of coven 19th. I don't know how they validate that. I did not look at the application. I'm just telling you what the qualifications are.

Apparently they're going to pick up to 30,000 businesses to give these cash grants and these Facebook ad credits to. In order to see if you qualify and to apply, head to, um, this- listen to this URL, okay- head to Yeah. I know, you would think they could have made that easier.

All right, so I have one more. When we're talking about finding new clients, now I will admit that we're going to end up talking about other programs that can help you with finding new leads. But again, I told you I just kind of picked five that caught my attention.

These are the ones we're talking about, and this is one that I'm going to be driving my clients to even after COVID-19 because I think it's a great deal.

So basically, um, GoDaddy was already in the process of creating what's called their Website and Marketing Free package, and it's a package- it's full of all these different tools that's supposed to help you with, um, getting a website, um, doing some marketing, like social media management um, some email marketing, uh, stuff is in there and there's like a bunch of other stuff. If you just read through all the features. Well, the thing I like about it is that they were already in the process of putting this together and they were going to launch it in September, but when COVID-19 hit, they said the people need it now, and so they've already released it.

I'm pretty sure that what they're going to require, though, is that you get your domain name through GoDaddy, but depending on what your go, your domain name is, I mean, that could be like $11 for two years. So it's totally worth it and it's a great way to just go ahead and get yourself started with your website, social media management, and email marketing on the super duper cheap.

So take advantage of it, especially if you are brand new to business, you're not making any money, or maybe you're in the midst of just kinda trying to revamp everything and you're not making money on this revamp yet. So, check it out, like seriously.

All you have to do is go to to access it, and they literally have it right there in front of your face at the very top of the homepage.

Okay. So we have the tools to help us find the new leads. Now we need tools that are going to help us nurture those relationships so we can turn them into raving fans or at a minimum, make them curious enough to click a buy button.

So the first one is MailChimp, which is something that I personally use. I moved back to a recently because I honestly got tired of the fact that Convertkit, which I've been using for like two years- it's like they refuse to update their landing pages and update their, um, emails so that you can actually make them attractive. I really like good looking emails. I like really good looking landing pages and MailChimp lets you do that on the cheap. Well now they're going to help you do some of that on the free.

So there's two things that they're doing. Okay. So now through the end of May, they're allowing small businesses to grab a custom domain for free for five years. Five. I said, five baby. You don't have to pay for that domain for five years. As long as it's domain that is $25 or less, and you build your website using MailChimp because yes, you now can build websites through MailChimp, and you keep it there that entire five year period.

Now, if you are a business that's currently using MailChimp, and you've gotten to a place where you can't afford to pay for your monthly MailChimp subscription, you can actually apply for them to help you out. So all you have to do is just go to to learn more because they have a nice little pop up there that will take you to how they're helping people out with COVID-19.

So go to and you can get your free domain for five years or you can go ahead and get some help paying for your monthly subscription.

Another company that's all about helping you nurture relationships with future clients is a FreshWorks they've gotten in the game. I've never heard of them before, but I'm happy that I have now because I'm gonna be honest, I've signed up for one of the services that they are giving away for free for six. Months, six months. Yes. I like that number.

Okay, so one of the things we're giving away is FreshCaller. Basically, that's like your phone, your business phone, um, from home. I've been using Google Voice. Um, I don't know. I might check out FreshCaller. We'll see.

I, I'm going to be honest, I didn't look at all the features because again, there's a lot of things that go through. Haven't looked at all the features, but I might check it out if I like the one that I did sign up for, which is FreshChat. FreshChat is the thing that lets you take your different chats from like Facebook messenger, from your website, from Apple chat - which I didn't even know existed, but now I know it exists, so now I've got to study it and figure it out. What? But so it takes these chats from all these different locations. It puts it in one inbox where you can reply to everything.

It also has the feature where you can create chatbots, which is something that I've been wanting to do. So I went ahead and I signed up. So your sister's going to get her, um, 60 days [6 months] of FreshChat and I'm super excited about it.

Now, if you're as excited about FreshChat as I am or if you're as curious about FreshCaller as I am, to get access to it, you have to go to the website,

Okay. I know that's actually was pretty short. Okay. I didn't see a whole lot of tools out there that were specifically designed to help you nurture the relationship. At least not tools that weren't already free or didn't already have really awesome, uh, free trials before COVID-19 hit.

But worry not because your girl is about to make it up to you when we shift into phase three, which is all about taking these fans, taking these curious onlookers and converting them into actual paying customers.

The first one I want to cover is a really popular e-commerce tool called Shopify. You may not have heard of it before, especially if you're like, maybe you're like a coach and you don't need this sort of thing, but anyone who sells some sort of physical product, or, I'mma be honest, there are some coaches who do use Shopify just because of some of the features they have.

But basically it is an eCommerce thing that's supposed to help you to make sales. You could have like an online store and all of that great stuff. Well, they've taken their 14 day free trial and they have extended it to 90 days. So you went from two weeks to three months. Yes Sis, give it to me. Okay.

So they've also done some really cool things where they've made it where you now have an option to create these physical or these digital gift cards. Apparently they didn't have that before. And this is the perfect time to do that because even if people aren't necessarily shopping for what you're. You know for, for what you're selling right now, you can get the- people will buy gift cards for the future for when they are more likely to buy them or they'll just get the gift cards for gifts because it's easy. All right?

They also have added these new options on their online and their point of sales systems where basically you can set it where people can decide whether or not they want to have like a curbside pickup or if they want you to deliver. They even have a company called Shopify Capital, which has a $200 million dollar fund to help small businesses keep it going. So, lot of goodness happening over at Shopify.

To learn more about all of these, pop over to

Now, here's another company that I like, and I'm going to be honest, their shift is probably not the most mind blowing or not the most impressive on the list, but it is very valuable. It's one of those things where you can see, they looked at what do our people need the most and let's make a shift.

So Calendly is one of those tools that you can use to have people, you share a link and they're able to automatically set up their own appointments. They can schedule it and you don't have to do it. I love it. I hate that email back and forth. I used to use Calendly all the time for my business, but I have Wix for my website. I can do it in Wix, but I still use it for my church though, when people want to schedule a meeting with me. I literally just send them the link because I have their free account.

Well, the cool thing that they just did that I'm totally about to take advantage of is they've taken their free plan- well, they've taken features from their premium plan and they've added it into the free plan. So those two features is the integration it has between Zoom and GoToMeeting before.

If you sat here and someone scheduled a meeting with you, you had to go send them a link afterwards. Now you can integrate it with Zoom, you can integrate it with GoToMeeting and it will automatically generate that link and send it out with your confirmation. So I love that it is a super valuable tool and it's going to make my life easier for when the people at my church want to schedule a meeting with me.

Okay, so let's say that you're one of those businesses where what you really need is you need a really easy way to not have to send your people a contract and they go and printed and then they sign it and then they scanned it and then email it to you. Like all of them steps. I don't know how many- like it's just frustrating. It is annoying and it's not even like it's really all that hard. It's just one of those things where people just don't like doing it.

Well, there's a company called PandaDoc that has decided to create, a free plan, thanks to COVID-19 that's going to allow you to do- to get electronic signatures and avoid all of that frustration.

So essentially what you're going to do is you, under this free plan, you're going to upload as many documents as you need to and you can send them to as many people as you need to to get legally binding signatures. Okay. Your girl's excited about that one because I'm actually going to start using it for my own coaching business. So Sis, get yourself signed up. Okay?

To do that, all you have to do is just go to PandaDot- and sign up for your free account.

Now, I know there are some of you out there who you do your conversion process, maybe you offer a free session like I do. I have my Rapid Strategy Consults and I will give an offer at the end of that consult. So I need video conferencing. Or you might be having courses that you sell or huge big ticket items that you sell via webinars.

Well, Cisco decided to get in the game and offer their WebEx tools for free for 90 days for new customers. Now I'm sorry, okay. If you were already a customer, I hate to break it to you, you still gotta pay the thing. But if you're a new customer, because remember, they're trying to grow their business, if you're a new customer, you can get these tools free for 90 days.

Now, with these video chats, with these video conferencing and video meeting tools, you will have no time restrictions on your sessions. And you can have up to a hundred participants. Something that I also saw, you will still receive all of the file sharing and white boarding features. So they didn't take any features off. You got everything. All the things.

Now to take advantage of this particular offer. All you have to do is go to and just kind of pay a little attention. They have this little pop up with a picture and it says something like, how we're supporting you during COVID-19. But look for that pop up, because if you just sign up for a free trial, it ain't going to work.You gotta click on the popup.

Now, let's say that you're one of those people that you've used WebEx in the past and you're not really the biggest fan of their particular than video conferencing portal. Okay, that's fine. There's a ton of other companies that have gotten in the game, like a ton. Seriously, like I could just go down the line, but I'm only going to bring up one more. It was one that I hadn't really heard of, but I thought I wanted, but I figured I'd bring it up cause I looked into them and they looked kinda cool.

So, um, this one is called Dialpad and they're offering two of their products for free for two months. The first product is Dialpad Talk, which is kind of like what we had talked about earlier with the FreshCaller. So you, it's your business phone, um, and you're supposed to be able to actually take that and transform it into kind of a mobile call center. So that's pretty cool. If you need a call center type of thing, churches, if you're listening, if you need a call center type of thing, you might want to check this out. This actually could be helpful.

But the other thing that they're offering this, just like WebEx is what they call UberConference. So, get your UberConference if you don't like WebEx. Check it out. Play with it for two months and maybe you'll fall in love with it and you'll decide to use that instead.

Now, in order to take advantage of this free offer, go to

Okay. I think 12 different business tools designed to help you, um, find new leads, to help you turn those leads into raving fans or curious onlookers, and to actually convert them into paying customers... Yeah 12. I think that's a good number to go over in a single episode. Right? Do you feel me? They, you feel me? Okay?

Now I'm going to keep going, all right? So on Saturday we're going to talk about some more. We got to cover the other phases and we've got to cover some cool, just learning courses in general that are now free, but today I just wanted to cover these from these major phases because they are the most important phases.

Now, yes it's very important on how you deliver and how you get feedback, but when it comes to survival, we need to make the monies. So these are going to make you the monies. All right?

So I'm super excited that we were able to go over these today, but before you go, I want you to know that there are a ton of free tools that already existed even before COVID-19 hits, and they will probably still be free after COVID-19 hits. And it just so happens that I took some time and I put them together in my 20 Plus Free Tools to Help You Grow Your Business and Your Profit. So if you want that list of additional free tools that you can take advantage of, all you have to do is go to my website,, add that /freetools and boom, you can sign up, with just a little bit of information and you can get this list.

I'm telling you the list is great. There's some things on there that you might know about, but there's some things on there that I bet you you've never heard of and didn't ever think to try to use to grow your business and of course, grow your profits because they are free. So again, head to Let me know who you are, and you can go ahead and get all of that goodness for yourself.

Now before you run off, give me a quick second, okay? Because I need to know that you found this video useful. So if you haven't already, smash that like button to let me know that you liked this video and then subscribe to my channel. Do not forget you, need to hit the bell. That's the only way you're going to know when I dropped new money tips and strategies every Wednesday and Saturday. You know, like the rest of this list that I'm dropping this Saturday.

Also, I want to get connected with you on social media. Okay. Like let's talk to the peoples. We may be social distancing, but we can still be social on social media. Right? Okay. Yeah. You can find me on Instagram and Twitter with the handle tianabclewis, or you can find me on Facebook with selahfinancialcoaching, or you can just find me on all three because they're all different styles.

All right, so that being said, if you are looking for some more information that's going to help you continue to grow your business, even in the midst of all the COVID-19 nonsense, don't worry. I have two videos right here that are totally, totally perfect for you right now.

So you get to watching those videos and I will talk to you on Saturday. Bye. Bye.


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