How to Budget Your Money During Coronavirus Uncertainty

Tiana Clewis: Hey Dreamers and welcome back to my channel where we talk about all things money. Why? Because you need to know how to take that money and use it as a tool to create a life that you truly feel is worth living.

Now in today's, today's topic is going to be one that it's been weighing heavily on my heart. I've been thinking about a lot. In fact, before I even started to record, I actually went through three different topics of what to cover. In this season of COVID-19, coronavirus pandemic, which - yes, I know I said I never wanted to have to talk about it again, and yet here I am talking about it again. Um, it...

Look, this is going to be a little different. Today is not going to be the crisp and polished Tiana or semis-crisp and polished Tiana that you're used to getting.

This one's going to be coming from the heart. Now, I have some things that I've written down here that I want to share with you guys, but know that this is coming from the heart because I know that in this season, in this time, a lot of people are struggling and..

And the truth is in that with a lot of people struggling, it means that they're sitting back and they need some sort of encouragement. They need some sort of hope.

And yeah, I know - I'm the money lady. I'm the money guru. I'm the person who helps people too - especially helping women entrepreneurs - I help them to escape the nine to five grind. I helped them to build up their income. I helped them to cut their expenses. I help them to save money, to pay off debt, to hit their financial dreams. I help you buy a house. I help you figure out how do you take all these different skills that you have, build a business out of it, and then make that business profitable.

I help you with all those things, but today isn't quite about that. Now, it touches on it, of course, but it's not quite about that. Because in that, in this season, that might not be what you need right now.

So I'm going to take off the financial coach hat and I'm going to put on the minister hat. So instead of my normal introduction, let's just say Hi. I'm Tiana Baxter [Clewis]. I'm the Executive Pastor of Operations at Trinity Harvest Church, and I want to just talk to you today about what's happening in this season of COVID-19.

Now, even as I go to encourage you today, I have to first lay down the reality. What are we dealing with? What are we facing?

Well, the truth is that coronavirus is a problem. It's a problem for our world. It is a problem for our health. It's a problem for our economy.

There are 454,000 people around the world who have contracted this virus. Over 20,000 people have died. And even in the U S we have 61,000 confirmed cases, which I think we're probably close to, if not at over a thousand deaths just here in the United States of America.

We've gotten to a place where now we've pretty much started going into lockdown everywhere. My county at 11:59 PM tonight, we will begin shelter in place here in Ellis County and Ellis county's in Texas. Now we're - the decisions are being made County by County here in Texas. Some places, it's city by city and some places you can rest assured that the entire state has just said, you know what, shelter in place.

It's one of those things where we're trying to stop the spread of this virus because we're trying to save lives, but at the same time, we're shutting down businesses. We're shutting down people's lives. We're shutting down economies. We're shutting down schools.

You have people like me who have never homeschooled a day in their life, who does not have an anointing for teaching children - and I know that I don't have an anointing for teaching children - but I find myself at home with four kids all in different grades, all at different levels, trying to teach them as best that I can with the help of their teachers, who they now have to look at and see virtually.

It is a rough season. It's filled with uncertainty where you're told, okay, "This thing might go away in April. No, wait, it's not going to go away in April. It might go away in eight months in August. Then, wait a minute! No, we have an 18 month contingency plan because whenever we release the shelter in places, it might actually get worse again, and then we have to go back."

And it's just one of those seasons. There's a lot of fear. There's a lot of uncertainty, and rightfully so, because we don't know what's going to happen. We don't know when it's going to happen. We don't know how it's going to happen, what it's going to look like. And the truth is that when the shelter in places, when the coronavirus is finally gone, when it's eradicating from this planet, the world will never look the way that it did.

And so this is an opportunity. Yeah, I know. You're like, "What? You just told me about all the chaos."

But what you have to understand is that this is an opportunity. The reason why I ended up settling on this particular topic, this particular subject tonight, is because my church last night, we went and we actually prerecorded a couple of services, and my pastor preached a sermon.

Ah, and I'm not even going to give it away. I'm not going to give away the details, but if you want to, I will. Um... Matter of fact, I'm going to drop it into a, I'm a drop it, um, the website, the link from our churches website. I'm going to drop it in the description, and I want you to join us on April 5th at 10:00 AM because that word that my pastor preached last night in this prerecorded session will bless you and it will bless your life. It is so timely. It is so in alignment what's going on.

But as I'm listening to him, I'm like, "This is what the people need to hear. This is what I need to be sharing with my audience". I can give you tips and tricks and strategies for managing your money in this season and in this time, but let's be real about this you already have a good idea of what you need to do.

When there is a time of uncertainty, you need to save your money. You need to make as much cash as you can. You need to spend as little as you can. You need to bring it down to the bare minimum things. You don't - you just need to ride the waves of the stock market. As scary as it is, just ride the waves of the stock market. Don't take anything out, and if you have a little extra money sitting aside, go ahead. Go put it in the stock market. Buy low because it will eventually go high.

So you know what you need to do. So I'm not going to keep harping on those things.

But you know, you do - the thing that many people are missing out on right now is that you do also need to recognize that this is an opportunity, not just for you, but also for me. You see, if you are able to see my shirt right now, which means you're watching on YouTube, my shirt says, "Let's wine about it." Wine as in the red yummy kind. And that was my mood when I woke up this morning.

But as I reflected back on that sermon that I heard my pastor preach last night, I realized that whining about it was not the thing to do. This is the time when we need to be coming together and need to be sharing the beauty of what's happening right now, because yes, what's happening right now is it seems like a nightmare, but that nightmare really is an opportunity.

And so I sat here and I jotted down a few things. And you know, normally I'm like all super nice and organized and I've got my tablet and it has got my notes and it's like right by the screen and things like that. I'm not like reading off of a piece of paper, but what you actually see in my hand is a notebook that belonged to my brother, the one who died a month and a day ago.

So this is his notebook and I have it in my hands because even in the midst of grief, even in the midst of coronavirus, there's so much beauty and so much opportunity in the world today. So I just, I took some time, I took my brother's notebook and I jotted some things down that I wanted to share with you.

So today is an opportunity.

It's an opportunity for you to do something like launch business. And I know a lot of the people that are listening are like, "I already have a business," but there are some of you out there who you don't. Not yet. It's been sitting there in your spirit. It's been dwelling in your heart.

It's been haunting your dreams. It's been driving you nuts because you want to do it. You feel like you need to do it, but there was so much going on in your life, there was so much craziness in your life that you didn't have the time. You didn't have the space, you didn't have the capacity. But now you're sitting in a quiet place at home...

Now there are some of you who are still working. You're nurses and you're doctors. You're inspiring people. You are restocking grocery stores that can't keep enough food and things on the shelves because people are scared and people are panicked. You work for drive-thrus that are helping provide meals to people who maybe they don't have the skills to cook. Maybe they couldn't find the groceries they needed cause they went to the grocery store too late and now they're ordering out. You guys are providing vital services to the people.

So maybe you don't fall into this category where you're sitting here in this quiet and silent place.

But if you are, and there's been a business idea that's been floating around in your head, this is the time for you to sit down and map it out. This is the time for you to sit down and envision what it is that you are supposed to do. This is that time.

This is that opportunity for you to map out what do I want this business to look like? What is my vision? What will we stand for? What would we do? Who will we serve? How will we serve them? How will we make the process as easy as we possibly can? How will we do this in a way that's profitable? How will we manage to run this business without buying a million bells and whistles? Because right now there are some bells and whistles you can't even get access to. How are we going to do these things?

Or maybe it's not a business that's been in your heart, in your mind. Maybe there's a ministry and God has been tugging at your heart. He's been pulling at you saying, "Sis, I need you to do this thing."

You have a ministry around feeding children. Well, this is your opportunity. A ministry around feeding the homeless. Well, this is your opportunity. Maybe there was a ministry around teaching. Well, here is your opportunity.

There are so many needs out there in the world. So many people who need your help, who need your love, who draw encouragement, who needs you to shine God's light through you into their lives and you're not doing it because there was too much on your plate. You didn't have enough time. You couldn't make it happen. But now you're sitting in that quiet place and you have the opportunity.

What will this ministry look like? Who will it serve? How will it serve them? How will I raise money? How will I advertise it? All these questions you never had time to work through. This is your opportunity to work through those things.

Now is an opportunity to spend more time with your family. And I've been doing a lot of that. In fact, my husband and I, what we've been doing is while our children are doing their schoolwork, we're there with them. We have this big, it's real big, solid dining room table. And if I put, uh, extra chairs out, I actually can sit eight people at the dining room table, but remember, we're a family of six.

So what we have been doing is everyone has gotten to the table with their devices, with their paper and their pencils and their notebooks. I have like a little pail that has like pencils and pins in it and we have like cords running everywhere because you've got like three laptops and three tablets in this place. We have things so that the kids can prop their tablets up.

But together - we're together doing these things. Taking walks, um, playing outside, playing basketball, doing chores, making fun of each other because what family doesn't tease each other.

But we've been spending more time together and this is your opportunity to do, do so. To be honest, as much as I love the church, the church does take a lot of time out of my schedule. And a part of the reason why it takes so much time out my schedule is because I have to get there, and we live 40 minutes away from our church. So that's an hour and a half out of my day to go to church and a comeback. Well, now everything's being done virtually. So I'm getting that hour and a half back in my days when I don't have to go up to the church.

Spend time with your family. Enjoy the time with your family. They're going to drive you nuts, and that's okay, but at least you're together. You're driving each other crazy and the times when you drive each other crazy, five years from now. Those are the memories that you laugh about. So this is your opportunity. Connect with your family. Laugh with your family.

There are so many things.

What about if you already have a business, but you've been thinking about completely reinventing it? This is your opportunity.

I told you guys last time about my brother-in-law, who his business has always been in a physical brick and mortar business, a location, and that's not going to change, but now he has a virtual element to it that is like, ah, stellar. It's profitable. It's awesome, and he's enjoying it, and I bet you that's going to be a staple in his business now. It's not a massive reinvention of his business, but that's a small way that he's reinvented his business.

There are some massive ways in which you have the potential to reinvent, reinvent your business. So if there's some things you wanted to add, some things you wanted to take out, some shifts, some adjustments you wanted to make in your business, now is the time to do that. This quiet time is your space to plan it out, implement it and get it going.

What about getting better connected with God?

Mmm. You knew that was coming. Remember I said I was putting on the minister hat.

But this is your opportunity to get closer with God, to wake up and pray to read your Bible. In fact, my church is in the middle of a 21 day fast and devotion, and I'm going to drop the link to it in the description because I want you, you can join us. Feel free. We would love to have you with us on our fast and our devotional. It would be amazing to see you there with us to see you and the spirit realm praying with us and fasting with us and reading through the book of John together.

In fact, we're only in day three, so you have plenty of time to get caught up, but this is a time and opportunity where you can get close to God. In fact, I saw a meme where it said, "I've cleared your schedule. Do you have time for me now? Love God." This is your opportunity to get closer to Him.

You can take this time to position yourself for a career change. Ever considered that?

Now, it might be something as simple as updating your resume and finally sending it out. Or it could be learning new skills that maybe you didn't have the time to learn of in the past.

Or maybe there are some things that in your review they said, "Hey, you need to work on this." Well, now is your time to practice it. You practice on your kids. Did your boss say you need to be better with patience? I promise you, your kids will teach you patience and you're with them more now. So there's an opportunity.

Or about keeping a poker face or whatever there - whatever it is, being more assertive, being less assertive, not interrupting people as much. What are the things you need to work on? You can work on those things and position yourself for a promotion or a career change. Yeah, that's a great opportunity.

What about catching up with friends who you've neglected or you forgotten about? I have a friend who I've neglected and she's been in kind of a tough time and I feel really bad because I've neglected her, but there was so much on my plate and there were so many other people who honestly were going through tough times because let's be real 2020 came out, swinging, came out swinging.

There's a lot of people going through a tough time right now, but somehow she fell through the cracks and I feel bad about that. So this morning I reached out to her and she's gotten to share what has been going on in her life, what's been happening in her heart, and then we get to share back and forth with each other.

And then there's other things, little random, practical things that you said you never have time for. Working out, I never have time for that. I'm sorry. I just don't. Now, to be honest, I have pretty much dedicated all of my new extra time, I guess you would say. ..Okay, no. I don't have new extra time really, because I worked from home anyway instead of my husband.

But I've reorganized my life, and so with the way that I've reorganized my life, there is a little bit of extra time, but I've been dedicating all of that extra time pretty much to prayer and to reading The Word and to my kiddos. So you know. But maybe there is some things that you've been wanting to do and they're not taking all of your time.

What about training the dog? You've always wanted to train the dog. You're so sick and tired of him peeing in the house. This is your time. Train the dog not to pee in the house. Um, what about start that workout routine that you've been thinking about? What about starting to eat healthier?

Okay, look, you're - we're struggling to find food in the grocery store any way. Okay. But head to a farmer's market. From what I hear, farmer's markets are fairing better than grocery stores. Head to a farmer's market. Get you some fresh fruits and vegetables. Head over to a website like - no, this is not a promo. I just use them personally. That's why I know them - and get you some amazing recipes and try some new things, do new things.

In fact, couple that with time with your spouse, make it a date where you sit here and you're cooking dinner together. Maybe you cook one dinner for the kids and you get them sorted and they're off to bed and then you and your spouse, you do one together.

In fact, my husband and I, we actually have - so our bedroom is kind of sizable. If, if you know a little bit about me, you know that my office, which means my recording studio is in my bedroom and it's big enough that my kids still have enough room to do cartwheels in our bedroom.

Well, one of the things we have is we actually have a folding table and we have tablecloths and we will do a full on romantic candlelit dinner in our bedroom. Do that. Okay. Opportunity.

You can continue to look on this as a time of fear and of strife and of panic. Continue to look at it at a time of uncertainty, which, yes, there is uncertainty, but let's look at the beauty. Let's look at the opportunities that are, that are before us that we can take advantage of.

I don't want you to be scared. I want you to know that there's so much opportunity in the moments that we're in right now. Open your mind. Open your heart. Open your perspective.

Be ready to receive what it is that God has for you in this season.

All right, now, I wasn't going to do it, but I'm going to do it.

I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna. Yup. I'm gonna do it.

Look, this is a place where we had to get to. Can I be honest with you? When we walked into the year 2020, we made some declarations. We decreed that this was going to be our year, that we were going to be blessed, that life was going to be abundant, that everything was going to be beautiful, that 2020 was going to be a phenomenal and awesome year.

And then we walked into the year and everything went downhill.

Here's the thing though, everything went downhill in the first quarter. We still have three more quarters in the year to bring it back. Everything that God promised, you're going to receive.

Everything God said that you will have, I promise you, you will have it. I assure you, because God is a faithful God.

He said it and He meant it, and so when He said that 2020 was going to be your year, He didn't necessarily - He didn't necessarily mention the fact that there are some things you're going to have to fight through to get there, but if you ever read your Bible... If you've read your Bible, pay attention to the stories. Every great person in the Bible who got blessed abundantly, they had to go through some trials and tribulations that trained them and prepared them for the place that God was taking them in that time of blessedness.

So yeah, we can decree and declare that 2020 is an amazing year. It could have been spoken over your life. You might have had a minister lay his hands on your head and tell you what God has for you. And that minister could have been a hundred percent accurate, but there are some battles you have to fight. There are some things you're going to have to press through. There are some things you're going to have to overcome in order to get to that place of blessedness.

And so this is your opportunity to, to, to prepare yourself. What is it that's been spoken into your life? That business, that ministry, the time with your children, the way that your life is supposed to look like... What has been spoken into your life? Look at the ingredients that you need to create that life and use this time, use this season to build it up.

I want you to build your prayer muscle. I want you to build up every single, uh, I want you to - what do you need to build up? I want you to build it. I especially want you to build that prayer muscle though. I want you to get before God and pray and it doesn't have to be some long drawn out prayer. The Bible says that when you don't even know what to pray, the spirit will utter, uttering... uh, will will give utterings for you, and they will interpret those utterings to God and God will understand what it is that you meet in your heart. In fact, before you even utter the words of the prayer, he knows what you need in your heart.

All you have to do is be willing to open up to him and say, "God, this is what I need from you. This is what I need in this season."

And if you don't even know what the vision is, what opportunity to take advantage of in this season, go to Him and ask Him for clarity. "God, what is it that you have for me in this time and in this season? What do you want me to do? Where do you want me to go? What do you want my business to look like, my ministry to look like, my life to look like my children to look like? Tell me and I will go."

This is your season to practice faith. This is your season to practice prayer. This is your seasons to practice fasting.

Matter of fact, once again, I'm gonna have it in the description, - We're fasting and we are praying for 21 days. Today is day three. I want you to be part of it. I want you to join us in it.

Okay? Hold on, let me, let me breathe. Let me breathe. I wasn't to planning on kind of preaching, but you know, I told you I was putting on the minister hat. I warned you, didn't I?

Okay, so I'm going to stop. I'm going to stop there. You get the point.

This is your opportunity. So stop looking at it as is terrible and negative thing. It's a hard thing, but it's an opportunity. And I want you to take advantage of the opportunity that's before you. I want you to find your blessings in it. I want you to find the beauty in it. And then when you do that, it changes how you walk in it each day. It changes how you look at it each day.

And when you come out on the other side, when WE come out on the other side, we will be ready to manifest every single thing that we decreed and declared that 2020 would be. Don't give up on the year. Don't give it back. This season is necessary and it will get you exactly where you decreed and declared that you will be.

Whew chile. Okay, so all right. So I need to get myself together cause I got all excited. I'm trying to calm it down so I can behave myself.

But what I want you to do is if you found this video, if you feel as if this video blessed your life, if it helps you out, if you're feeling more encouraged, if you're feeling more empowered, if you're feeling ready to take advantage of the opportunities in the season - do me a favor. Like this video, subscribe to my channel. I'm not like this all the time. Most of the time you're getting a real clear cut, step by step, breaking it down type of thing but right now, this is what I feel like you needed, so like the video, subscribe to the channel. Make sure that you hit the bell so that you're notified when I drop new videos every day Saturday and every Wednesday.

Now that we've gone through all that, let's get connected on social media. You can find me on Instagram and Twitter with the handle TianaBClewis, or you can find me on Facebook under SelahFinancialCoaching because Facebook is difficult and won't let me change it to my name. That's okay. So let's get connected. Let's continue to share because now that we are sheltering and place in so many different places, this is actually the best way that we get to talk and to share with each other.

One more thing before we go. If you are finding yourself in a position where no amount of encouragement in the world can help you or you feel that no amount of encouragement in the world can help you with the situation you're in right now, I want to offer you something for free.

I want you to go to my website at Scroll down to Dream Builder Strategy Session. I'm going to give you one for free. They're normally priced at $147. Whatever. Ignore that part. Whenever you schedule your session and you get to the checkout window, I want you to put in "help96". It's one word: "help96". Put in that promo code and with that promo code, you will receive a free one hour session.

We're going to sit down and we're going to talk through everything. What it is that is holding you down, that's holding you back. Let's uncover the opportunities that are in this time and end this season. And if you need me to take off the practical hat and put on the spiritual hat, the minister hat, I got you there too because yeah, there's a lot of ministry and what I do sometimes.

I'm here for you. I want to help. I want to serve. So had the Scroll down to Dream Builder Strategy Session and grab your free session with the promo-code "help96".

Let's stay connected. Let's keep encouraging each other. Let's keep pushing each other. Let's keep taking care of each other.

So wash your hands, stay safe, and I'll talk to you soon. Bye. Bye.


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