I Had to Refill My Cup

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

This weekend was amazing!

Not just regular amazing. I mean that "Thank you Universe!" amazing. That "Do I have some new besties?" kind of amazing. That "I totally need that!" sort of amazing. That "Universe, have I thanked you yet?" type of amazing.

Yeah, it was that "I want to make an acronym of out the word AMAZING" amazing.

This weekend, I spent 4 days in a large cabin in the Smokey Mountains on a spiritual retreat with 25 other Christian women (and no, this post is not about religion or spirituality). It was a truly powerful and transformative experience because the room was filled with women who desired to love on each other, share with each other and experience the presence of God.

It was an experience I am so grateful to have been a part of, because it did one very special thing for me...

...it refilled my cup.

A cup has to be filled by something external in order to be able to pour something out. Want to pour coffee from the cup? You have to first fill it with coffee and once the coffee is gone, it's gone. When the cup is empty, it cannot pour out any longer.

We, as humans, function the same way. We have a finite amount of energy and effort and love and joy that we can pour out into the world. In order to continue pouring, each and every day, we have to refill our cups with energy, effort, love and joy.

That's why this weekend was so important to me.

As an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother, a Christian even - I pour so much of myself out into my business, my family, my friends and my community. As I pour out into these people and projects, I have to be intentional about being refilled and replenished so that I can continue to pour out.

This weekend, it was being surrounded by women in love and in spirit. On a regular day, it's prayer, it's singing, it's listening to sermons on YouTube and working out to support my body and my mind.

How do you refill your cup?

There is absolutely no way that you can continue to build your dream life and dream business if you are empty. Discover what will help you replenish yourself, whether it's prayer, meditation, dancing in your underwear or just cuddling with your favorite person. Whatever it is, make it part of your regular routine and every so often, take a weekend that is all about replenishing your cup.

You cannot pour from an empty cup, so fill that cup regularly.

I know that I do.

Tiana B. Clewis

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