My Financial Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs Just Hit 100 Episodes

Tiana Clewis: Hey Dreamers and welcome back to my channel where we break down all things money so you can stop looking at it as obstacle and start looking at it as exactly what it is: a tool to help you build a life that you truly find worth living.

In this video, we are actually celebrating a super duper amazing, like phenomenal milestone on my podcast, which is actually the entire reason why I started doing this YouTube channel in the first place. Okay?

Dreamers Financial Playbook podcast has officially reached, as of today, 100 episodes. Yeah. I said it. 100 episodes of business and financial goodness, and let me tell you, your girl is excited. Okay? Yes... Let me, let me get it together. I was about to do like a chair twerk and ain't nobody got time for a chair twerk. Okay. We gonna, we gonna keep it holy.

But no, seriously, I'm super duper excited and I mean like to the point where I'm kind of sad that my background doesn't have a bunch of like streamers and I need some noisemakers and I need a hat. Like I need all the things. The problem is. Um, the way that this Corona is set up is that my favorite place for buying party stuff is totally closed right now. And then on top of that, I didn't think to actually say, "Sis, why don't you go order the party stuff online?" Yeah. By the time I thought about that, it was time to record this, so yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Wait, I got something.

Yup. A glass of wine. I think that's totally perfect for this celebration of the 100th episode of the Dreamers Financial Playbook podcast. So yeah, since we have our wine, let's do this.

To commemorate the hundredth episode of the Dreamers Financial Playbook podcast, I want to take a walk down the last two years in which I've been dropping brand new podcast episodes every single Wednesday. Yeah. It's kind of insane to think that over the course of a hundred weeks, I've never missed a single Wednesday.

Now let me be real with you, I didn't always get them out completely on time. My preferred time to drop an episode is it 6:00 AM. That way for my people who gotta be at work, you're on the road at seven o'clock in the morning, well, you've got something to listen to on your way to work. Okay. I didn't always make that time. Sometimes it might've been closer to 6:00 PM but you know what? I have always managed to get the podcast episode in before Wednesday was over.

So look, I think that's a pretty big feat. I think that's an awesome accomplishment. So if I do say so myself, let me do this, go ahead and pat myself on the back. Okay? And if you have a milestone like this, feel free to pat yourself on the back to Boo because this was hard.

But if I can be real about it, all of that hardness is totally, totally worth it. Yeah. I got to sit here and I got to get a quiet space. I have to record. I have to. Well first, before I can even record, I have to have the script, like I got to know what I'm going to say, what I want to talk about. Um, I got to get it recorded. I gotta get it edited, uploaded with show notes and all that jazz.

Yeah, it's a lot of work, but you know what? It's totally worth it. In fact, I get text messages. I get phone calls. I get emails. I get DMs. I even get people stopping me when they see me at events to tell me how much and how helpful they have found my podcast to be.

In fact, let me go ahead and read you guys a text message that I got not too long ago that totally showed me how worth it is, was. So this is from a girl Brionna. It says,

"Good morning, Tiana. I just wanted to tell you thank you for your obedience in your ministry. It's because of something you share with me that I was finally able to get ahold of my finances in a way that worked for me. You mentioned that one should still be able to live and enjoy themselves on a budget. Just have to plan for it. Since then I have budgeted and added a discretionary fund that has allowed me to do just that. Previously, I struggled with budgeting altogether because I couldn't find the balance with fun included. To be honest, this is only my third month in my life as a whole of successful budgeting, but it's going great. Thanks to your podcast as well.

So I came up with a concept phrase that helped me. Budgeting doesn't mean boring, it doesn't have to mean basic. Instead, budgeting should mean balance. Balance between your present and your future. Feel free to use it and share my testimony as well. Thanks again, T I appreciate you."

Thank you so much, Brionna, for sending me that text message. In fact, it came through it was like the first thing that I saw that particular day, and it's one of those things that it just gives you the reassurance that you need because like I said, a hundred episodes is a lot of work. I put a lot into this, especially once I started adding YouTube to the mix. It's a lot of work that goes into it, but when you get messages like that, that lets you know that people are finding success.

In fact, this came through as coronavirus was popping onto the scene and businesses were shutting down. This is a fellow female solopreneur. She gets it. She understands the struggle and the fear that comes from shelter in place jacking up people's income. So the fact that she sent me that message, that she's feeling safe and secure and like she's ready to handle this thing and it's because of the work I've been doing with the Dreamers Financial Playbook podcast. It totally, totally makes it worth it.

So thank you so much, Brionna, for sharing that with me. It gives me the push that I need to continue to move forward and to do this because this matters.

So now in order to continue the celebration of these hundred episodes, I actually want to take a look back at five of them. Yeah, these five, they're not necessarily the most listened to episodes, although one of them is. I love them in different ways, and my audience loves them in different ways. I've gotten different responses from these five episodes, but they're the five that really just stand out to me.

In fact, before I even started going back and kind of looking at the analytics to figure out which ones to pick, these were the ones that were already in my head to go over. So I love the fact that the analytics kind of corresponded with what I wanted to do anyway.

So we're going to look back at these five episodes that range, honestly, across the entire time that I've been podcasting. So if you find yourself laughing a little bit at maybe some bad audio or some serious rookie mistakes, yo just know I'm back here laughing with you too.

Before we get to exploring these old episodes of the Dreamers Financial Playbook podcast, I want to introduce myself to the newbies to the channel, because you know what, you might not have ever been here before. My name is Tiana B. Clewis and I'm a Financial Lifestyle Coach with my labor of love, Selah Financial Coaching. All that means is that I've dedicated my life to helping women entrepreneurs escape the nine to five grind, launch their own businesses, and use the money from their businesses to build a life that they absolutely adore because that's what money's all about. It's all about building a life you love and your business is just the way to get money to do that.

Now, if this is a journey that it works for your spirit, it vibes with who you are, let me know by liking this video and subscribing to my channel. Make sure that you click the bell so that you're notified every time I drop new business and money tips every Wednesday and Saturday.

Now that we've gotten those introductions out of the way, it's time to start walking down memory lane with these five key episodes from my tenure of a hundred episodes of the Dreamers Financial Playbook podcast. I don't think I can say that enough.

The first episode that I want to share is from really early in my podcasting career. In fact, it's so early that I didn't have a YouTube channel and I was still recording my podcast episodes with, what, a $16 lapel microphone and the Voice Memo app in my iPhone. Yeah. Really, really early.

This episode is also one that resulted and me getting some pretty cool opportunities to join in on some online conferences and to get some speaking gigs because people were scrolling through looking at the different episode titles on my podcast, and this one would always stop them in their tracks. I'm talking about episode 18, "Stop Doing Broke People Things."

Yes, that is the title: "Stop Doing Broke People Things."

This particular podcast episode was actually born out of a talk I was giving at a local women's conference. So I'm standing there and I'm telling the ladies what they need to be doing to get their finances in order, to reclaim the prosperity that they want to have in their life and it just dropped in my spirit. Like it just kind of... I just had to say it.

And in fact, if we want to be real, I wasn't going to say it. I was trying to have some decorum with it, but the pastor just of the church is over on the side and goes, "Just say it how the Lord gave it to you." Yeah. That's all I needed to hear. So next thing you know, I blurt out to the ladies, "Stop doing broke people things."

Well, the truth is it was so memorable, people were so fascinated, people were so inspired by it that I felt like I had to create a podcast episode from it just so that the people who weren't there could get a little bit of the goodness themselves.

So yeah. Now that you know where this episode came from, let's go ahead and check it out.

Broke people are the people who never have enough money to do the things that they need to do. The things like pay your bills, the things like save for emergencies, the things like saving for your future. If you never have enough money to do these things, I'm sorry, but you're qualifying as broke people right now.

These are people who live a paycheck to paycheck cycle and typically they have absolutely no game plan for getting out of it. Or even if they do have a game plan, they've just decided to just say "Whatever, I'm not going to do it." So then living in a paycheck to paycheck cycle and they're not even really actively trying to get out of that cycle. They just are kind of in it and it is what it is for them.

You can often identify them because you'll see them, for example, shopping, going on vacations, buying bigger and better homes or cars, but then you also hear them asking for help and paying for their bills, complaining about being on a really tight budget with no wiggle room.

Now I'm going to be honest: everyone is going to have periods in their life when their budget gets really, really tight. Why? Because life happened. Emergencies happen, things come up that you were not expecting, and it can totally blow your budget out of the water. Were you planning on having a divorce? Were you planning on having a custody battle? Where you planning on having to buy a new car because your car just flat out died and you hadn't finished saving for a new one?

Yeah. Some things happen that you weren't necessarily planning for that can have a major impact on your finances, but these are people who seem to be, no - to experience this sort of struggle, this sort of tightness, no matter what's going on in their life. It's just always a freaking struggle for them.

And in fact, here's the funny thing about it: some of these people, when you see them shopping, when you see them vacationing, when you see them buying these bigger, better things, they might even admit to you that they don't have the money to do it, but then they go and they find a way to justify this unnecessary expense.

I've heard it so many times, like they'll say something like, "I know I can't afford this vacation, but girl, I deserve it." I've heard that so many times, it's not even funny.

What do you mean you deserve it? Look, I understand you work really hard. You need to woo-sah you need to get away from life but here's the thing, if you haven't taken the appropriate steps to be able to save the money, to be able to actually afford to go on the vacation and get away from the nonsense of life, can you really say that you deserve it?

You haven't even done the necessary steps to be able to afford it. So I don't know, I kind of question whether or not you deserve it when you haven't even done what you need to do to be able to afford it. I'm just saying that's my personal opinion and since is my podcast, I get to say it.

Okay. You're back. Yeah. Look, I know, I made some really bold statements in that particular episode, but what can I say? It was true. It still holds true today, and if an offended you, I'm sorry. So- kin- may- okay, sorry, not sorry.

But if it makes you feel any better, if it's any consolation, not only was I talking about people who were actively broke at the time, I really was talking about a past version of myself because trust and believe Tiana B Clewis used to be broke people.

If you want to listen to this entire episode, which remember, I don't have on YouTube yet. I wasn't yet doing that. You're going to have to hit over to the Dreamers Financial Playbook podcast and download episode #18. It's great. It's worth it. Definitely check it out.

The next episode I want to check out is the one that actually has the most listens or views when you combine the Dreamers Financial Playbook podcast and my YouTube channel, because eventually I started recording myself in video, uploading them to my YouTube channel and...

Many of you recognize that I really didn't start promoting my YouTube channel until the last few months, but you know what? I just started uploading them to YouTube. I figured I could use them eventually, and I ended up taking this episode and sharing it at - sometimes during the newer YouTube videos once I actually started promoting my channel. So, hey, it worked out in many ways, so people on YouTube seem to like it, and people in the Dreamers Financial Playbook podcast seem to like it.

Now this particular episode I'm talking about is episode number 41, "The Miracle of the Debt Snowball." Now, the debt snowball is a strategy that I absolutely love. In fact, it's the only strategy that I recommend when it comes to paying off your debt. And in this one, I whipped out my whiteboard and I got to - to working in through it, like a step by step walk through of how the debt snowball worked. So it was perfect for the YouTube channel. It wasn't as easy to follow as I would have liked on the podcast, but you know what, rookie mistake you live in and you learn.

So step three, what you're going to do is you're going to put your budget together and through your budget, you're going to figure out how much extra money can you pay each month towards those debts. Many of you are already doing it. Remember, a lot of times we're like throwing a little extra money at each of the different debts, trying to pay them off and spreading out the money over time.

Well, when you replay him all of that little extra you're paying on each debt and put that in a bundle: how big is that bundle? And then how much more can I add to that bundle?

So let's say that in my scenario, we discovered that my family can pay an extra $200 a month towards their debt. So what is, so I can pay $200 towards that debt, and what am I going to do?

I'm going to take that $200 towards and I'm going to apply it to the very first debt. So we're gonna pay the first debt off first. So then that means there's going to be a column four and with column four...

Mind you I have my little whiteboard here. Hopefully it doesn't fall apart in my hands. I've had it for a while. It usually sits on our fridge with my groceries on it. So hopefully it doesn't fall apart in my hands. If it does, just go ahead and laugh with me.

So we discovered that we can pay an extra $200 a month. We're going to add that $200 to the minimum payment of $225 so right here, I mean, sorry, we're going to add the $200 to the minimum payment of $25. So that means on the first debt, we're able to pay $225.

Here's what's awesome about this. That $225 is enough to pay that Target credit card off. Just can play it off completely. Like in the first month. Bye bye, target credit card. It goes away. It's gone.

Because we had an extra $200 a month that we were able to pay towards the Target credit card, but we weren't because we were throwing it at other things, or we had never looked at our budget to see how much extra we can pay on these debts.

So that's why in step three, you have to figure out how much you can afford to pay extra towards your debt. And then you're gonna, basically in step four, you're going to take all of that, add that to the minimum monthly payment of your first debt. And in this case, it was more than the first debt. So that means in the first month of using our debt snowball, we will have paid off a debt.

Okay, the audio was terrible, but the message is still solid. The debt snowball is one of the best possible ways that you can pay off debt. I'm absolutely in love with it and I encourage all of you guys to use it as well. And as I was listening to it, I was actually thinking I might have to put together an episode that does a side by side comparison of the debt snowball and another popular strategy, which is the debt avalanche.

You've heard me mention it before, but I don't recommend it and there's a reason why. It's because of mindset, which is what I was getting at in this clip. So, yeah, I think I'm going to do the episode pretty soon. Yeah, that'd be a good idea.

Now, if you can ignore the very questionable audio that I have going on in this particular video and you want to get the full walkthrough of the debt snowball, go ahead and download episode #41 of the Dreamers Financial Playbook podcast.

Our third episode on the list actually happened just a couple of weeks after the last one. I'm talking about episode #43 which is "Five Purchases You Don't Have to Make to Launch." This particular episode was born out of, I'll say one of the most common mistakes I see people make when they're trying to launch a brand new business.

I see it with clients all the time. There are certain things that are like, "No, I absolutely have to have this thing in place before I can launch my business." And the truth is, that's not true. And I cover some really common ones that I come across all the time in this particular podcast episode. So listen, as I, um, walk through a story where I tell you all about a client I had who thought he couldn't launch his business until he had one of those things: a website.

It is really important to have a website, but when you come to day one of launching your business, you don't have to have a websites on day one. I actually had a wonderful example of this just within the last couple of weeks. I was working with the individual, helping him build his website because yes, I do build websites.

It's not my primary focus. It's just something I do on the side because I actually enjoy doing it and I can help out some amazing entrepreneurs that I know by giving them a low cost way to get a website that they need, that's going to get the job done.

Well, he was like in the thought process that "I need to have my website done before I can launch my business. All the pieces need to be in place, and the website is a really important piece." I told him to launch it anyway. Just go forward. Do it. Just put it out there.

And so one day he puts up a Facebook post showcasing his product, explaining the vision behind the product and the brand. And guess what? Before we even got the website finished, he had order after order after order after order. And I mean like his phone was buzzing nonstop with orders for his product that he showcased all while the website was still being built.

And no, he was not spending a ton of money on the website either. This was not some $5,000 website. This was less than $200. You don't need to have some super expensive website to launch your business.

The most valuable thing that you can have for your business, to grow a business that's going to make money. The most valuable thing you can have really is word of mouth. And so he leveraged a free tool, i.e. social media, and in leverag- leveraging that social media, he had enough orders already come in that he was able to use the money from his orders to pay my fee for the website.

Wasn't that story great? Okay. I may not have told it the best and it may not have had the best audio to accompany it, but you get the point. You don't have to wait on a website to be able to launch your business.

Now, mind you, a website was only one of the five things that I covered in this particular episode. And if I'm going to be real about it, I probably could come up with five more. So I want you to go and get the full episode, hear all the things I said you don't need to launch. Or, share this with a friend. Just simply go to the Dreamers Financial Playbook podcast and download episode #43.

And then I want you to either come back to my YouTube channel and drop it in the comments or head to my website at and use the contact form in the bottom to let me know if you want me to share five more things that you don't need to launch your business.

The next episode on this list is episode #69, "Should I Go Back to School?"

This episode was probably, yeah, okay. Not probably, definitely - this episode was a turning point in my content creation for my podcast. At this point I had been going for a while, uh, longer than a while. Wow. It had been over a year at this point. So I'd been going for a year and I was kind of struggling with content.

It was really becoming kind of a drag to try to come up with something new to talk about. And it's because I felt like I had covered everything, which was not true. So what I did was I sat down and I told myself, "Tiana, you're going to map out the rest of your content for the year." That's how that trend of me sitting down and mapping out my content for the whole year in advance came about.

Now, what I did to map out and to come across this particular one was I looked at, "Okay, what sort of financial and business questions do I get from a personal standpoint, from people who don't even realize I'm a financial coach. You're just talking and these things come up." And then "What questions do I get from people who know I'm a financial coach? They are seeking me out or they've come across me and they're like, "Well, since I have you, let me ask this question.'"

Well, one thing that was at the tippy, tippy, top of both of those lists was the question of whether I should go back to school and yeah, that is a super duper important question. So check out this clip when I'm talking through the things that you should consider from the financial side of the decision on whether or not to go back to school.

What I'm wanting to tell you not to do, and I'm not even going to make this an option. I'm not going to make this a consideration. I want to flat out tell you, do not go into debt to go back to school.

Don't do it. Do not do it.

Here's what's going to happen: let's say, for example, that you do the math and the financial gain of going back to school is going to be worth it. So you realize that you can make an extra thousand dollars a month by going back to school. Well, if you go into debt to go back to school, what's going to happen is you're, more than likely, you're going to find yourself cutting your gains in half or in quarters.

And so yeah, you'll make an extra thousand dollars a month, but at least $250, $300, $400 of that is going to be going to paying off the student loan. And then you also have the interest that is attached to it.

That is not something that you want to experience. That is not something that you want to deal with. Do not put yourself in that situation because what's going to happen is if life comes and it slaps you in the face with a financial emergency that you are not prepared to handle - which over... What is it? I think it's 90%. It's an insane number of families. I forgot the statistic and I'm not going to try to like remember it all in the air - um, but it is an insane percentage of individuals who do not have at least $500 saved. And most of us are not going to get to that point when we have any sort of debt.

Most people get to the thousand dollars that I recommend, that Dave Ramsey recommends, that so many others recommend and then they end up stuck there because they're paying on that forever and forever because they keep adding on debt, adding on debt. And the money that they should be putting towards their savings, should be putting towards their investing, the end up constantly having to put towards debt.

I do not want you to allow going back to school to help perpetuate that cycle. I want you to pay - find a way to pay for your school as you go. So maybe you'll have to work some extra hours. Maybe there's some things you're going to have to give up. Maybe, definitely you should go find some scholarships and see if there's some grants that you qualify for.

You would be amazed at how many companies have scholarships and grants that you can apply for. Here's what I'm going to recommend to you. I want you to sit in your room and I want you to just look at the things that you own. What are the brands that you see? Okay. No, go Google those brands and I promise you, you can find at least one scholarship that they have that exist and then go apply for the scholarship if you qualify.

Seriously. Do that. Okay? There are - I literally talked to managers and owners of grocery stores who are required by their corporation to give a certain number of scholarships. And what happens is they have to find a way to give those scholarships to the kids in their church, to the people in their families to other relationships that they have because no one is applying for the scholarships.

For example, I think it was, it was either Kroger or HEB. I don't remember. But I was talking to someone from one of those stores and they literally said that they are required to give away a $250 scholarship - every single store. So that's why I'm saying, look at the brands that you shop at. Look at the brands of the things you have in your house, and I promise you there's some sort of scholarship out there.

Yeah, I can definitely say that everything shared in that clip still holds true. There are so many different scholarships out there, and the last thing you should do with this whole student loan crisis is add more student loans to the mix.

This is also true for your kids. If you just look around your house, they can find sources to research. Hundreds, thousands of scholarships. In fact, make it their part time job. That way they don't have to take out student loans, or you don't have to stake out student loans for them, and you don't have to drain your savings account to send them to college. So yeah, that is definitely a good one.

Now, if you want to continue to listen to the rest of the conversation about what you should be considering when you're trying to decide on whether or not to go back to school, go to the Dreamers Financial Playbook podcast and download episode #69.

Our last episode is one that was super duper fun to record.

You see, I teamed up with Kendall Patton of MiOrgan Content Creation Services and let's just say that we had a total blast. The truth is, we've gotten on the line a couple of times for her events and my events. We come together and it's always a ton of fun. I think that's what happens when you are mompreneurs who tend to work from home and you've got multiple kids and mostly boys. Like there's just, we're here like we just get each other. Okay.

So we have so much fun when we get on the line together.

This time I wanted to sit down and write chat with her about repurposing your content. And let me tell you that Sis got all our lives together. Okay? Like my life, like, I'm sitting there wondering, "Why didn't I do this sooner? What have I been doing with my life? Utter fail." So she got my life together. So check out this clip so that she can get your life together too.

Kendal Patton: That Financial Peace University thing that he, that's not - he didn't come out the gate with that mess.

Tiana Clewis: No, he didn't...

Kendal Patton: He didn't come out the gate with that. You know, he came out the gate with telling people he probably started one on one.

Tiana Clewis: He started with the book and with one on one coaching.

Kendal Patton: Exactly.

Tiana Clewis: He was selling - the first book that he wrote - he was selling it out the trunk of his car while he was in the middle of getting out of bankruptcy himself.

Kendal Patton: See? See? This is what we're talking about. And now what is Financial Peace University? You've coached it.

I know - no, you can't - I'm not asking you to tell trade secrets, but basically speaking, Financial Peace University is, is what? The book?

Tiana Clewis: Yeah, it is.

Kendal Patton: Anybody can see that. If you look, and I'm not, I'm not calling names, I'm just saying, if you look at what bigger companies are doing, it's the same thing, 15,000 different ways.

One podcast is show notes. A - Tiana is listening. See. You see, she's listening - but one podcast is, I don't care if the podcast is 30 minutes long or an hour long. One podcast is show notes. That's one form of repurposing. Quotes directly from within the podcast, which might be included in the show notes, but you just pull them out and use them separately.

Tiana Clewis: Right.

Kendal Patton: A blog post or an article on a website, yours or somebody else's. Um, it is social posts. Those single, single sentences put together to a paragraph or one single paragraph, or however. It is an idea meshed with another idea. Put into like two sentences. Okay?

Um, it is little snippets, audio, just audio snippets. Just simple audio snippets. It's the same thing as quotes everybody. By the way, that's the same thing as pulling a quote text and putting it up. It's the same thing as doing an audio snippet.

So if you record - because here's where I'm going with it - if you don't have a podcast or a YouTube show or anything like that, but you have like a cell phone or something, or you have a recorder, I don't care what you have and you record two sentences - you now have both of those sentences as quotes. You just take them apart. You put quotations, so you have both of them as a quote. You create graphics where he talks about, and then you add two or three sentences, and now you have social posts or email snippets.

Tiana Clewis: Boom.

What did I tell you. Whole life all the way together. Like she just dropped that goodness. And I mean like she just broke it down so well and she's so real. Like I absolutely love the time that I get to spend with Kendall when we're on the line. It's just a great time. Okay?

So that being said, if you want to link up with Kendall Patton and MiOrgan Content Creation Services, then head over to her Facebook page at, M I O R G A N.

Now if you want to, before you head over there, get all the goodness like here, everything we had to say and join in on our laughter - 'cause there was a whole lot of that going on, head over to the Dreamers Financial Playbook podcast and download episode #83.

Man, this journey with the Dreamers Financial Playbook podcast has been a pretty phenomenal one. I mean, there's been so much content shared and I've had so much fun creating the content. Yes, it's a lot of work, but I really do truly enjoy this. You guys have probably figured that out as you have listened to me, or if you're checking me out on YouTube, as you've watched me. I love this, like, this is phenomenal to me and I look forward to doing another hundred episodes.

Now before we get going, I wanted to quickly remind you that I have a special rate throughout the month of April on my one hour Dream Builders Strategy Sessions. Normally they are $149, but if you use the promo code "CARES", you're actually going to get a reduction of 50% off of that normal rate.

So you can sit with me for an hour and we can deep dive into everything you have going on for less than $75.

To grab your sessions at this special rate, just head over to my website at Scroll down to the "Dream Builder Strategy Sessions" and click that "Book Now" button.

I want you to just go ahead, follow the steps. You're going to select your date and your time for your session. You're going to tell me a little bit about yourself, and then I want you to look on the side. Click where it says promo code and enter in the word "CARES". C A R E S, just like the CARES Act that I've been talking about for the last few weeks.

Of course I have the promo code and link in the description.

Real quick before we get going, now that we have walked down memory lane together, I definitely want to make sure that we get connected on social media. You can find me on Instagram and Twitter at my handle, tianabclewis, or you can head over to Facebook and find me with selahfinancialcoaching.

Also, let me know that you found this video helpful, useful, or just simply entertaining by liking the video and subscribing to my channel. Do not forget to hit the bell,m so you're notified every time I drop new money tips and strategies every Wednesday and Saturday that are designed to help you hit all of your financial goals without making life totally suck.

Finally, if you're looking for more tips, strategies, and insights that are going to help you take back control of your money, and I mean like really get a good reign on them so that you can be successful, confident, and secure in the midst of all this craziness, I have a couple of videos right here that you definitely want to check out.

So you get to watching these videos and I'm going to finish my celebratory glass of wine. I'll talk to you later.

Bye. Bye.


Ep. #18 - Stop Doing Broke People Things – 7:26

Ep. #41 - The Miracle of the Debt Snowball – 13:00

Ep. #43 - 5 Purchases You Don’t Need to Make to Launch – 17:38

Ep. #69 - Should I Go Back to School? – 21:07

Ep. #83 - Creating More Me Time By Repurposing w/ Kendall Patton – 27:03

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