Stop Doing Broke People Things

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

In this episode of the Dreamer’s Financial Playbook, we’re issuing a challenge: Stop Doing Broke People Things. The reality is that certain activities that we do with our money are keeping us broke and hindering us from creating a business and a life that we absolutely love! So let’s dive into what these “broke people things” are so that we can cut them out of our lives.

Episode Highlights

  • Understanding what it means to say “broke people” and the common things that you hear or see them doing (or you find YOURSELF saying or doing).

  • Uncovering the dangers of wandering aimlessly with your finances and why it’s keeping you broke.

  • Getting comfortable with the reality that building an amazing financial life is not a one-time change, it’s a lifestyle!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Tiana B. Clewis

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