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I'm here to help you break through the money hurdles that have you pressing pause on your purpose!


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For 7 very, very long years, I was the "successful" woman working in Corporate America with a bright future...
...that had no joy in her work  and was constantly chasing a fat paycheck because I simply couldn't afford to quit.

The truth is that I wasn't called to work in Corporate America... and I knew it.


I smiled at the networking events, laughed at the happy hours and spent hours at a desk working on things that I didn't really find all that important or challenging. My coworkers were cool and my boss was reasonable (at least, at my second job), but I had no passion for the work I was doing.

Yes, I was good at it, but being good at something doesn't necessarily make you want to get out of bed. In fact, I was struggling so much to get out of bed in the mornings that I walked into work every morning RIGHT on time or a few minutes late.

For a religiously punctual person such as myself, that's a major red flag...

But I needed the money from my nice, corporate paycheck!


That paycheck was big enough to handle my student loans, my car note, the credit card debt and the mortgage on my house. That paycheck meant that I could pay my tithes (plus some extra) and be ready to help whenever a friend, family member or church member needed it. 


That paycheck is also the reason why I could jump on a plane wherever I wanted practically when I wanted... at least, when I wasn't trapped at the office or a client site.

For me to pay off my debts, help out the people I loved and live the life that I wanted, I had to stay in that corporate job.

Does any of that sound familiar?
From my childhood, I knew that I was called to be a minister and teacher of the Word of God
(the entrepreneur vision came later... a lot later)

Within a couple of months of joining my church, my Senior Pastor and I knew that Trinity Harvest Church was where I was called to do that ministry work.

  • We would envision the projects we could take on.

  • We would talk about the ministries we could start.

  • We would dream about the way the church could grow if I quit my job and became part of the staff.

The problem was that the church couldn't afford to match my salary... and I needed my salary.


So I stayed in the corporate world when I knew I was really called to the ministry. I volunteered and helped out where I could, but there is only so much that you can do when you're spending 50+ hours a week on the corporate gig.

Talk about a miserable 7 years...
The change came when my hubby and I let our finances get so bad, we had to sell his gun to pay the light bill.
(Yes, two people with good paying corporate jobs...)

When that moment came, we realized things had gone too far and we had to become better stewards of our money. So we took some classes, created a plan and got to work!

Fast forward 12 months to 2016 and we had paid off over $33,000 in debt, created a sexy emergency fund and bought a brand new house that actually had room for our family of six.

With results like that, my husband (Boyd) and I were inspired to teach others to do the same. We didn't want to be the only ones making this transformation, so we began leading the same classes that launched our debt-free journey.

It was as we were leading those classes that I began to fuse my personal experiences, 10 years in forensic accounting and love for helping others into the coaching practice that you now know as Selah Money Ministries.


Then one day in 2017, as I was sitting at my desk at my corporate job and I felt the Lord pressing on my heart, "Tiana, it's time to go."


That night after I got home, I ran the numbers with Boyd and we realized that finally, FINALLY I actually could go! We were finally in a financial position where I could say goodbye to my corporate job and take on the mantel of Executive Pastor of Operations at Trinity Harvest Church!

So I walked away from my fat paycheck at that corporate job to step into ministry full-time and I have never looked back!
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"There failed not ought of any good thing which the Lord had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass." 
JOSHUA 21:45 (KJV)
Random Facts
About Me

Boyd took me tandem skydiving for my 25 birthday.


I prayed the entire way up, and loved every second of the way down!


The Tiana B. Clewis YouTube channel is packed with money tips and biblical strategies that with transform your financial roadblocks into distant history!


Whether you're looking for guidance, a detailed game plan or someone to walk the journey with you, we have a program to fit your needs (and budget).


Need a speaker that can break down money principles? Need a preacher that can break down the bible? Or someone that can do both? Tiana has you covered!

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